who is Kit?

Growing up as a happy fool in paradise but being deported for being one when I became mature enough to appreciate Kenya, sent me trekking around the world. Unafraid of virtually anything, I, a wild eyed man who evolved in the bush, befriended bandits, sat with hermits, danced with Gypsies and frolicked with life as I sketched little chunks of Africa, Asia, North America and Europe.

Illusive as true love was, it finally settled me and gave me peace. When infirmity rid me of my unbounded energy I used writing to chase away the devils boredom attracts. These weekly postings will introduce you to the exciting world my novel arose from. Other angles can be read at:- kitmunro.com  &   kitmunro.blogspot.fr .

Adieu, I hope you enjoy your visit,    Kit.


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